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Why should I choose Firefly?

In our society we have many choices for anything we buy. Landscape lighting is a major investment. There are many companies out there that can put lights in the ground. We come in after many of them to correct their systems.

Firefly is owned by a designer. As a designer I enjoy meeting interesting people and lighting their homes. People take great pride in their homes. They want the front of their home to look unique and beautiful. They want to relax or entertain in their backyard spaces. I understand that. I remember that in every low voltage landscape lighting system I have designed, systems from 12 lights to 257 lights.

I enjoy the challenge of having my lighting design meet whatever constraints and requirements you may have. I enjoy researching the industry to bring the best quality and most effective and efficient lighting components I can find.

Firefly is a small company and we offer very personal service. Our design team will achieve the design you want by putting the correct light in the correct place. Our install team holds itself to the highest standard, and prides itself in immaculate, technically correct installations. At Firefly, landscape lighting is all we do.

What are your qualifications?

Practical Experience: Firefly’s designer has successfully completed several hundred landscape lighting designs on time and on budget.

Education: Firefly’s designer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from New Jersey City University, has studied design at Middlesex University in London, England and holds a Master’s of Design Management from Pratt Institute.

Firefly’s chief installer has installed and serviced several hundred low voltage landscape lighting systems.

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