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Firefly Landscape Lighting is a top-notch company. Gregg is a true professional who works with you on each area of the landscape. We had a number of different sections to cover, and Gregg was happy to design and install things in phases. He did a phenomenal job demoing each one, and moving things as we needed. Gregg is a true artist in knowing how to light various trees and scrubs that really make the property look absolutely spectacular. He even had great ideas of how to light sections that are further away so we could spot our dog roaming in the yard at night. Gregg and his teamwork efficiently and get things done as promised.

Anita D.

Oakland, NJ 2016


We started working with Firefly back in2012 when we put a pool in the backyard. The work they did was absolutely incredible. It starts with a presentation with the actual lighting elements during the "getting an estimate" phase so you know exactly what it is going to look like... and Gregg always makes it look amazing.

I think the biggest difference with Firefly is that they have a tremendous number of different types of lighting elements they can use which help create lighting that is unique, subtle and customized to whatever elements are being lit up for a given area or application.

The front and backyard look amazing. It's 4years later and every night when I click the lights on in the back by the pool it still makes me smile at how great it looks and how Gregg & Firefly helped us create exactly what we were thinking of when we started the project all those years ago.

Lastly, and to some extent most importantly, his post-install service is incredible. He routinely checks in with us, especially heading into the Spring/Summer each year to make sure everything is working well. He replaces the occasional bulb that goes out and makes any adjustments based on plant growth etc. We recently had him back to add some additional lighting to a new area and he again amazed us with his ideas to add some newelements and make them look and work seamlessly with all of the previously installed elements.

I give Firefly Landscape Lighting the highest possible recommendation. He can create anything you can imagine.

Michael B.

Upper Saddle River, NJ 2016


We've been working with Firefly Landscape Lighting for over two years now. Gregg is a patient and talented man who comes to your home and sets up the lighting as a demonstration of what the design will be. No need to try an imagine what the look will be.It's right there.

His prices are fair and very importantly, if he says he's coming at a particular time, set your watch. He's there and he still calls beforehand to confirm.

As an architect, I have my own sense of design and working with Gregg is always a pleasure.

Allen W. Architect,

Fair Lawn, NJ 2016



Gregg and his team did an outstanding job with the installation of landscape lighting across the full front of our new home. To compliment his professionalism, his unique night set up of the lights allows you to visualize the end result so any adjustments can be made prior to installation and everyone is on the same page. Overall a great experience!


Shannon P.

Blauvelt, NY 2016


Gregg was great --very professional and responsive. I highly recommend.


Justin E.

Briarcliff Manor, NY 2016



I was very happy with the work that Gregg from Firefly and his team did. He was very knowledgeable and dependable and really did an amazing job accenting our back yard with beautiful lighting. If you are looking for outdoor lighting done professionally with great results look no further.


Glenn V.

Long Valley, NJ 2015



We are so happy with the landscape lighting that Greg just completed on our home! The up lighting on the tree canopies what just what we needed to make the property pop and make us stand out. Thank you!!


Laura B.

Wayne, NJ 2014




What is equally important is that he also has great customer service and is very responsive. Even after the installation is done, he'll call you right back and make sure everything is to your liking.He's truly a professional and a very talented guy. We would highly recommend him. Hired Firefly Landscape Lighting a year ago. Our home looks fantastic. The comments from neighbors and friends are "outstanding", "your home looks magnificent", etc. Gregg Malora is an expert landscape lighting designer. Get the free nighttime lighting demonstration and you'll be impressed. I give them FIVE STARS definitely.

Greg M.

Chester, NJ 2013



We chose Firefly Landscape Lighting because of their attention to detail and their very personalized and friendly service. My husband and I are avid gardeners and take pride in our home but something was missing and we knew it was landscape lighting.

The night time demo allowed us to actually see the beautiful light patterns offered by various fixture types that are available from Firefly before we committed.We could not be more pleased with how beautiful the lighting makes our front landscape look each evening. The lighting they provided us makes such a difference and I know it definitely adds value to our home.

We highly recommend Firefly to everyone who wants the highest quality with beautiful results.


Bob & Maureen R.

Park Ridge, NJ 2012


After living in our house in Old Tappan for twenty years we have finally come into the light. Through the expertise of Gregg Malora, proprietor of FIREFLY, ourhouse truly stands out above the rest. Through his careful and well-planned illumination techniques Gregg has successfully brought us to another level with his creativity. We love the excitement we feel when arriving home to such a spectacular image.

Thank you Gregg for doing what no one else has been able to achieve.

Eileen & Frank F.

Old Tappan, NJ 2012


We recently spent considerable time modifying our landscaping to achieve the look that we wanted. It is beautiful by day, but it takes Firefly to make it absolutely enchanting at night. Firefly works very closely with you to add a whole new perspective to your evening landscape.

First of all, they are experts-it is all they do. Second, they spend considerable time with you designing the lighting. They set up demonstrations for you at your home at nightfall, so you can observe, adjust, and create amazing effects from subtle to dramatic. They will provide you with very thoughtful and creative lighting ideas- but perhaps as important- they listen very carefully to what you want. We always felt we were the customers and they wanted us to be happy. An interesting landscape lighting concept that we learned from them is that it is not about putting lights anywhere and everywhere, but rather accenting darkness with artistic lighting.


Firefly will carefully mark all of your final lighting placement decisions, including the type of fixture and bulb, making the installation quick, efficient and surprise-free, since you are basically going to get what you already decided upon in the demo.

The follow-up service is also excellent. If there is a need for an adjustment or repair, they are quick to satisfy. I would recommend Firefly to anyone who wants a thoughtful and artistic approach to their landscape lighting.


Rich & Cindy R.

Oakland,NJ 2012



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