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Firefly Landscape lighting have been providing Bergen County towns (especially towns like Ridgewood) with exceptional landscape lighting for over 5 years. Here at Firefly Landscape, we know that your yard has its own unique character that deserves to be showcased in an affordable, eco-friendly way. Low voltage landscape lighting enhances the exterior of your Ridgewood home at night while providing safety and security to you and your guests. Using today's low-voltage, energy efficient systems, Firefly Landscape can bring you not only beautiful lighting, but security and affordability as well.

Using light and shadow we shape your grounds and gardens, showcase the architectural features of your home, spotlight your entries and frame your scenic surroundings. Add value, beauty and distinction to your home with elegant outdoor lighting that provides year-round comfort and enjoyment. We also work closely with you to explain how to best create dramatic effects through different design techniques including up-lighting, down-lighting, shadowing, silhouetting, grazing light, accent lighting, path lighting, step lighting and security lighting.

Did you know placing landscape lighting in your front yard can also increase your Ridgewood home's security? Some people don’t think twice about placing lighting around their homes besides the usual places (deck or patio), but putting up lights along your home’s driveway or front walkway path would deter burglars while also allowing your guests to easily enter and exit your home without the fear of tripping over something due to lack of light.

We proudly represent numerous residential and commercial businesses all over Ridgewood. Enjoy decorative lighting, security lighting, or even a few extra lights to light up your deck for those breezy summer nights or those cool fall mornings. Our professional installers can design a lighting system that not only fits your needs but your budget as well! The best way to get started is to have one of our expert designers stop over and provide you with a free lighting demonstration. In this demonstration you will see what your home could look like with with our outdoor lighting. No more guessing. We can change and customize the look right at the demo.

If you already have an existing landscape lighting system, contact us today to set up a lighting service package at your Ridgewood home that will keep your landscape perfectly illuminated year round. Whether you wish to attract visitors to your garden with a new outdoor lighting features or enhance an outdated, broken system, our lighting specialists have the knowledge and skills to distinguish your property from dusk until dawn.

We serve all of Bergen County, Northern New Jersey, and surrounding areas. Learn more about our residential outdoor landscape lighting services in your town!

The best way to see if outdoor landscaping lighting is for you is to call us for a FREE lighting demonstration. We will come to your home in Ridgewood and show you how your home can look with the right outdoor landscape lighting.

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