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Landscape Lighting Designer - Outside Lighting, Exterior Lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting design is Firefly Landscape Lighting’s specialty. At Firefly, we know every home and property has its own unique character and deserves its own custom landscape lighting design. We rely on our years of experience designing hundreds of low voltage lighting systems to develop a custom design for each home.

The Firefly Process

Every landscape lighting design starts with a conversation. In the conversation you, the client talk and we listen. We are listening to hear your design wants and needs. Once we have defined the design problem we set up a nighttime lighting demonstration. The demo takes about an hour to set up. At this point you will be invited outside to see a temporary version of the exact lighting design we propose. This is where we say no imagination is required because you will not have to look at a picture of a lighting fixture and try to imagine how it will make your home look. When you come outside what you see is what you get.

Together we will make adjustments until the design is perfect. Once the design has been developed to your satisfaction we place landscaping flags in the ground to insure that the lighting design you see at the demo is the exact lighting design that we will install.

Typically within two weeks of the demonstration our expert team will install your new lighting system

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